"That through death he might bring to nought him that had the power of death, that is the devil." .....Hebrews 2:14

It is in the death of Jesus Christ that Satan's power of authority and dominion over us has met its match once and for all and has been broken. The death of Jesus Christ out dies all other deaths. Death in Adam does not finish a man but death in Christ does. His death is a mighty victorious death! Through Christ's death we have been totally delivered from the power of Satan; all we are left with now is his presence minus his power! In Christ, all who deserve to die have died, with the result that he who had the power of death no longer has any dominion or authority over them. We are dead and reduced to ashes in Christ and ashes are something of which you can never ever make a fire from again! Christ's work at the cross was not only totally redemptive but also totally destructive! The death of Jesus Christ, as our representative on that cross, destroyed Satan's power over us forever!

A house that has been destroyed by fire, has been burnt down to ashes and cannot be burnt a second time, for if the first fire has done its work fully then there is nothing left to be burnt! For us redeemed sinners who have already died in Christ, our old life itself is finished, it has passed away, it is dead through His death. There is nothing left there anymore to be destroyed.

So then, the Lord Jesus gets our ashes and we have now become possessors of His eternal incorruptible life; the two are inseparable. What a great and glorious deal! You can't get better than that! Satan cannot do anything more to us now that we are crucified in Christ. That which has been put to death is dead! For the believing Christian, this means that we are free now to have Christ live out His life in us today, in place of all that was there before. 

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