"The path of the righteous is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day" ....Proverbs 4:18

 In spite of the examples of Solomon and several other kings, we need not assume that a man's last days should be days of spiritual decline and decay. Think of Jacob after his return to Canaan. He who had always been so restless settled down quietly in the land. There, in the sphere of his own family, he underwent many sorrows and disappointments, yet in them all, he displayed a patience and a concern for others quite foreign to the selfish character of his earlier years. Or see him again in Egypt, as father of its mighty ruler Joseph. Whereas the Jacob of former days would eagerly have grasped at this new opportunity for self-advancement, yet the mellow old man that he now was, seemed quietly content to remain in the background. The mature prophetic blessings of such a man afford a fitting climax to the book of Genesis.

Today in the real Church as the body of Christ, we have two main types of behaviour. One is the self-righteous, who are false make-believers; these be those who have perhaps been to Bible College and learnt all about the Bible with their minds and have a good head or mental knowledge of its content, making them proud to be a Christian. These constitute the vast majority of the many so called 'believers'. Truth is to them what they believe about themselves, not about God. The other type is the real believer, those who have put all their trust, confidence and dependence in Jesus Christ and this from their hearts not their heads. They have abandoned all faith in self. These are those who have a heart knowledge of God as a real experience. These are they who actually know God! ...and they know Him intuitively, meaning from the spirit, which does not have to reason to know. They are the few and in a minority but they never cease to give thanks and to praise the Lord Jesus for being the very centre and source of their lives.

Those are the righteous who have put on Christ as their robe of righteousness. They are not just clean and bright but they shine and more and more each day with an increasing intensity. They welcome each day afresh with Jesus as the Lord and freshness of their life. They are willing for Christ to live out His life in them and in place of all that was there before! Our last days on earth should be abundantly brighter than our former days. So let us shine like that shining light by permitting Jesus, in the person of His Holy Spirit, to live out His life in us and to cause us to be all that God wants us to be; and this strangely enough is exactly what we really want to be anyway!!

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