"Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the custom of some is, but exhorting one another; and so much the more as ye see the day drawing nigh." ....Hebrews 10:25

Christ is the Head of the Church as His body and, "We who are many, are one body in Christ and severally members one of another." All Christian relationships therefore are of one member to another, never one of the leader of an assembly to its members. When an apostle is preaching a great sermon and all the believers are nodding assent, adding their frequent and fervent 'Amens,' how deeply spiritual the congregation appears to be! But it is when they meet by themselves that their true spiritual state comes to light. The 'pulpit-and-pew' principle, so vital for proclaiming the glad tidings to sinners, nevertheless tends to foster a passivity in Christian life. It is by the round table principle of mutuality, by believers exhorting one another, that the real Church thrives and grows. Here there is Life in action!

Today in the body of Christ as the real Church; in our own particular church group as a segment and an expression of that, we need to ask ourselves the deep question, "Has our fellowship the true stamp of the one another principle upon it?" Are we able to minister life to one another or do we still rely on the Pastor or the leader for that? If not, then we need to know how to exhort one another; we need to ask God to break our self centred self-life and all that is holding back the release of His Spirit!

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