"The natural man receiveth not the things of the spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him."....1 Cor 2:14

It has pleased God to say many things in His written word to us, which leave room for many misunderstandings, and also not to explain them! Often in the Bible there seems to be conflicting statements, or just statements that seem to violate the known facts of life. And it has pleased Him to leave them there just the way they are without further clarification. There are many Scriptures we cannot clearly explain. If we had been writing the Bible we would have put things far more plainly, so that everyone would have clearly before them all the doctrines, theology and things of God in such a foolproof systematic way so as to make it really easy for their intellectual minds to feed on. But the question is, would they have the life? Would they have the Lord Jesus as their Life?

Today in the real Church as the body of Christ, we find the mighty eternal truths of God are half obscured in the Scriptures, so that the natural man may not lay hold of them by his mind! God has actually deliberately hidden them from all the wise intellectuals, so that He can reveal them to the babes and the foolish! The reason is because they can only be spiritually discerned. His Word is not a learning exercise or a study book! His word is His plan to lead us to a Person and to obtain eternal life! His word is both truth and grace to us! His word is life to us! His word is intended to meet us in the course of our day to day walk in the Spirit and to speak to us right there! It is designed to give us spiritual knowledge that is experiential in itself because it is related to spiritual life. If we are trying through systematic intellectual theology to know God, then we are absolutely on the wrong track and we will fail. God cannot be known through the natural intellectual mental process! God is not in the natural (or indeed the supernatural) to start with, He is in the spiritual. God is Spirit. Therefore all the knowing of God has to be by the spirit, not by the mind.

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