"Apart from me ye can do nothing." ....John 15:5

The temptation always to try to do something in our Christian life so as to be a "something" is ingrained in all of us because it is ingrained in human nature. How often is it only at the point of utter despair with ourselves that we remember the Lord and we relinquish to Him the task that He is so ready and so able to perform! The sooner we do so the better, for while we still monopolise this 'trying', we leave little or no room for the mighty work of God's Holy Spirit.

Today, the organised denominational church is full of false teachers who preach 'trying' in the place of 'trusting'. Just about everything that the Lord Jesus reveals to us individually and personally is nullified by them with an "Oh yes, but .." And after the 'but' is inserted, the subtle insinuation that we must try harder to achieve. Human will power is then very subtly portrayed as being the 'ministry of faith' or 'faith ministries'. Recent years have produced many spectacular TV ministries and right here I have seen so many of these false preachers and teachers. They do little more than make themselves a big name and grow rich; yet it is amazing to see multitudes of Christians follow them and employ their ways, instead of trusting and depending on Jesus with simple faith. Jesus said, "I am the Way"!

Trusting Jesus in place of self trying to ascend to some pinnacle of powerful faith, opens the door for Christ to do all that you need in you and in place of you. Remember! Jesus lives in us in the person of His Holy Spirit and apart from Him doing it all, you will achieve precisely nothing. All that you think you may have received will amount to exactly that.

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