"The priests that bare the ark of the covenant of the Lord stood firm on dry ground in the midst of Jordan, and all Israel ... passed clean over Jordan." ....Joshua 3:17

We must have faith to see all God's people brought into their inheritance. That is God's purpose and it will be carried out! But as a means to realising that purpose, God needs those who are willing to step right into a place of death if need be and to stand there steadfast until all are safely over. Because that little band of priests did so, holding firm to the ark in the place where death threatened them, a whole nation passed dry-shod clean through Jordan. Not one soul remained behind!

Of course it was not the priests but the ark of God that opened the way into the land of promise. Never forget that. But note this too; it was they that took it there and held it there. By their act of faith in standing with the Lord amidst death, others passed into abundant life.

Today in the Church of God as the body of Christ, we have to ask ourselves, "Am I ready for this?" Am I ready to be an OVERCOMER? Those who have chosen for self to abide in death, so that life may be expressed to others, are those whom the Lord Jesus has made to be Overcomers, so that just as the Levites did for Israel then, we might also do for the rest of the body of Christ today. We are here as Overcomers to minister the Life of Christ (in the person of His Holy Spirit) to the whole Church, so that all may come into abundant life! 

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