"She hath wrought a good work upon me." ....Matthew 26:10

When the Lord returns and we see him face to face, I trust that we shall all pour out our treasures and ourselves at his feet. But what about today? What are we doing with Him today? Several days after Mary broke that alabaster box and poured the ointment on Jesus' head, there were some other women who went early in the morning to anoint his body. Did they do it? Did they succeed in their purpose on that first day of that week? No, they were too late, they had missed Him and He was gone! There was only one soul who in fact succeeded in anointing the body of the Lord Jesus and it was Mary who had anointed Him before-hand when she had the chance. All the others missed Him because they were too late; He had risen!

In the Church today as Christ's anointed body on this earth, the pressing question then is: "What am I doing to the Lord Jesus today?" Please notice that I do not say 'for the Lord' but 'to the Lord'. Again I ask you, "what are you doing to the Lord Jesus today"? 

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