"When the cloud was taken up from over the tabernacle, the children of Israel went onward." .....Exodus 40:36

Just as in all of God's speaking to his people in those far-off day's of the old testament, He spoke to them from between the cherubim of glory. So also was all His leading for them onward through the wilderness by means of that same glory. In the cloud by day and the fire by night the glory of God appeared and they moved forward in alignment and cooperation with it. For us too today, all revelation of God's will issues out of His glory. See the glory of God in relation to any matter and we have discovered God's leading in regard to it. You ask me, "Is this or that His will? I reply by asking you in turn, "Is the glory of God resting there?" Discern that and you need wait for nothing further. God's glory is in fact God's own personal character. God's glory itself expresses God's will. Guidance is thus simply a matter of correspondence to that. Where God's glory rests we need not ask the way.

Today in the Church as Christ's body, we need to separate ourselves in our hearts from all of that which lacks the glory of God in it. Today God's glory is expressed on earth in the person of the risen and resurrected Lord of Glory, Jesus Christ! Find Him and you have found the glory of God! You then have God's way, God's Truth and God's life! 

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