"The things that are despised did God choose, yea and the things that are not." ...1 Corinthians 1:28

The cross is the greatest leveller in the universe! It brings everyone of us down to zero. It offers the whole of mankind a new beginning. The difference between a Christian who is growing in spirit, and one who is not, is in the faithfulness and obedience of the cross, never anything he possesses in himself by nature. One has been to the cross of Christ and surrendered his self life and his will, the other has not.

There are many things too strong and too imposing for God to use, instead, He not only chooses the weak things and the despised, He goes further. The apostle seems almost at a loss to know how to define the things that are so weak and despicable in the eyes of the world that God elects to use. The best he can do is to sum them up as the "things which are not."

Do you fall into that category? Do not despair! Far from being at a disadvantage as compared with others, you may in fact have the edge over them! At least you are already at zero, and you do not have not a long way still to go to reach God's starting point! Simply trust Him and obey Him. Come to the cross of Christ and surrender your life and your self will.

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