"It was the good pleasure of God ... to reveal his Son in me.".....Galatians 1:15

I would not, even if I could, exchange places with the disciples, even on the Mount of Transfiguration! The Christ with whom they lived was the Christ in the flesh, a Christ limited by time and space. Was He in Galilee? Then he could only be found in Galilee; He could not be found in Jerusalem or elsewhere. Was He in Jerusalem? if so, then men sought Him in vain in Galilee or elsewhere. But today it is vastly and magnificently different! Christ is limited neither by time nor space for He lives in the power of an endless, resurrected life! He is everywhere and God has been pleased to reveal Him in my heart and in my life. He was with them only sometimes but today He is with us all the time! They only knew Him then after His body in the flesh, saw Him, touched Him and lived with Him in but in close contact only. But today we know Him in the Spirit and He will never leave us nor let us down!

Today in the Church as His body, many there are that try to focus on the Jesus of the flesh and to follow the earthly Christ, but they err, the Lord Jesus is not to be found in the flesh today, He is risen and He is in the Spirit! His flesh has now become us as His body! So that after the flesh we, "Now know we Him so no more," and yet we know Him in truth, for we know Him as it pleases God as to the way He should be known by us today. Has He not given me the Spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Himself, so that I may know Him today just the way He is right now? This risen Lord Jesus Christ now dwells in my new, born-again spirit. 

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