"We which have believed do enter into that rest." ....Hebrews 4:3

Rest follows work. In the fullest sense, rest is only possible when the work is completed to a point of satisfaction. It is no trifling matter that God rested after those six days of creation. How, we may ask, could He - this God of purpose, this God of abundant life - come to such a rest? Genesis 1:31 gives us the reason: "God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good." He had accomplished something which in which His heart rejoiced and caused Him to have such a rest. The good pleasure of his will had been realised; its goal had been attained. In the same way, He saw His Son's life, death and resurrection for Man. In resting He proclaimed His approval.

Today in the body of Christ as the Church of God, God invites us as Christians to share with Him this same type of rest in Christ. That great work has been accomplished and His new creation is secured. God has seen that everything that He has made in Christ as a new Creation is also very good! Why? - because the new creation has Christ as its foundation, its source and its very life! His good pleasure has been realised once again and no fuller realisation is necessary, needed, or possible. We enter into God's rest when, ceasing from our own striving and work, we find all our redemption, satisfaction and completion in Christ. We are made complete in Jesus in every way and in everything! Let us rest and rejoice with God Himself! It is indeed a finished work and God is satisfied and well pleased! 

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