"I had not known sin, except through the law: for I had not known coveting, except the law had said, thou shalt not covet." ....Romans 7:7

 God knows who I am; He knows that from head to foot I am full of sin. He also knows that in the matter of pleasing Him I am weakness incarnate in that I can do nothing whatsoever to please Him. The problem is that I do not know it! I admit that all men are sinners and that therefore I am a sinner too, but I imagine I am not such a helpless sinner as some. While I may agree that I am weak, I do not fully believe it, so God has to use something very strong to convince me of that fact!

This is precisely why God gave us the law of Commandments, for the more we try to meet it's demands, the more our failure becomes obvious and manifested. The Law was given also that we might individually understand ourselves. It was through the law that Paul came to really understand himself from the commandment of the law which begins with, "Thou shalt not covet." Whatever might be his experience with the rest of the law, it was the tenth commandment which literally translated, is "Thou shalt not desire," that found him out. It brought him face to face with a holy righteous God. Yes, the law is provided by God to show us exactly what sin is! ....and to prove to us that we are all sinners! ....especially we Christians! And no, the law was not sent for us to obey it but to understand ourselves more clearly and what our real problem is.

Only was it with Jesus, that God was well pleased; He obeyed the law of commandments for us as our representative then and still does today! This is a great revelation; do you see this? Hence it is that the law leads us to Christ just as the schoolmaster leads the student to commitment. Once the student is fully committed to his task then the schoolmaster could be said to have done his job. Jesus Christ is the end of the laws of God for all those who have accepted Him as their representative life! The Lord Jesus obeys God completely! He is born of God and that which is born of God does not sin! Are we not born again out of the death of this same Jesus Christ on the cross? And are we not made alive again in the spirit by His resurrection?

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