"The priest's lips should keep knowledge, and they should seek the law at his mouth." .....Malachi 2:7

In this day of deception and falsehood in the Church, it is possible that much so-called spiritual-revival is on a wrong basis. Spiritual gifts are displayed without measure, but unless there is a ministration of Christ, it is like having many utensils but with nothing in them to use them for. Yet it is worse, for without Christ, so called spiritual gifts are not only empty, they may also be deceptive. There is a huge difference between a tinsel Christmas tree covered with ornamental gifts and a real live fruit tree displaying fruit! One is false, the other real. One is dead, the other alive! The display of gifts does not verify the tree as the genuine article but Life does!

Spiritual gifts can be simulated in a way that a ministry of Christ can never be. Without Christ, spiritual gifts may not only be deceptive but they may also be counterfeit. Satan is well able to counterfeit all spiritual gifts in the realm of the psychic in man's soul. Many refer to this area as the supernatural but it is not so. It is the spiritual realm where God performs His miracles. The supernatural is, in the truest meaning of the word, the extended soul realm or psychic. It is from the psychic power of the soul that all hypnotism and magic takes place. One gift that Satan can never duplicate is the ministry of the 'Christ-life' to the new, born again spirit!

What should matter to the Lord's people should not be our gifts, but our personal 'knowing' of Christ, so that we convey Him by that knowing. In a hospital two nurses may use exactly the same looking spoons, but what they administer in those spoons is the important thing, not the spoon itself. One may just be a palliative, the other a curing medication. It is what we are that really counts, not what we display. What we are is what we convey to others.

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