"There was a rainbow round about the throne." ...Revelations 4:3

The visions of Revelation chapters 4 to 11 are all related to the throne of God (Rev 4:2); those of chapters 12 to 22 to the temple of God (Rev 11:19). At the outside of the former we see a rainbow around about the throne; inside the latter we see the arc of the covenant in the temple. God's throne is established for the government of the universe. The full rainbow completely encircling it is His testimony to the universe, that in all His administrative dealings, He that sits there will forever remain true and faithful to His covenant with mankind.

God's temple is established as a habitation for Himself. The presence in it of the ark of His covenant, long since lost to unfaithful Israel as the centre of her national life, is God's testimony to Himself. It guarantees that nevertheless, true to His own nature of righteousness, what He has promised and pledged concerning His covenant people, He will most certainly perform! God cannot deny Himself!

So also in the Church today! In Christ, His faithfulness is assured - and we are in Christ as the body of Christ! We can therefore be assured of one thing despite all our failures and fears: "God will perfect that which concerns us!" Oh! what an exceeding joy and peace of heart it is to know this! 

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