Looking Unto Christ

"They looked unto Him, and were lightened: and their faces shall never be confounded." ....Psalm 34:5

We need to guard against being over-anxious about the subjective side of spiritual experience and so becoming turned in on ourselves. May I illustrate this from the electric light? You are in a room and it's growing dark. You would like to have the light on in order to read. What do you do? Do you watch it intently to see if the light will come on? Do you take a cloth and polish the the light globe with zest and anticipation? No, you get up and cross over to the other side of the room where the switch is on the wall, and you turn the electricity on. You turn your attention to the source of the light's power by an act of your will and when you have taken the necessary action there, the light comes on spontaneously here!

Today, once again we need to focus upon what the Lord Jesus has achieved for us at the cross. By the cross we mean all that Jesus has accomplished for us by standing in our place as our representative Man. He represented us at the cross, not Himself. He died and shed His blood for our sins and our failures! He died for us the sinner of those sins, to remove us and to deliver us from the power of sin that was a law principle, which was our old nature! He rose again from the dead to give us new life, His life! He ascended to give us placement in His Kingdom! He is glorified to give us the uncreated eternal life of God including all authority and power on earth. Just as the Lord Jesus represents us in Heaven as His people, so also do we represent the Lord Jesus on earth as 'the Christ', being the body of Christ!

Our best bet is to keep our attention on Jesus as the source of our life and power, let Him take care of what He will do in us. We need only turn our attention to Jesus as our source and activate our will by simple choice as the switch. Choose what He is in place of what we are. You will find that as you do that, He will manifest Himself in you and you will be lit up with exceeding joy and peace. You will shine like the stars! and many will be blessed by what Jesus is in you!

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