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Joel 2:1 "Blow ye the Trumpet in Zion and Sound an Alarm in my Holy Mountain"

Please note: We do not subscribe to any particular man-organised denominational church assembly or man-constructed church doctrine. These articles are written from the heart, not the head, and they are written out of what I believe the Lord has revealed to us as a 'Revelation of His Word' They are intended to be an enlightenment and an encouragement for all real Christians who make up the true Church as the body of Christ. We make no apologies to those who may be offended by the truth of God's Living Word, but if there is anything you are not clear about then please e-mail us.

1. Are you under condemnation?

Are you being judged by guilt? Is the enemy continually putting you down? Written especially for Christians who are suffering from guilt, an inferiority complex, or fear. God is no longer the Judge but the Justifier of all who are in Jesus Christ.
(last updated 23 Jan 2011)

2. Are you absolutely sure you are saved?

You may well claim to be a Christian, but are you? How did you become a Christian?, by good works, by trying hard to be a good person, church attendance, Bible study, sincerity, dedication, baptism, repentance etc? Unless it was by God's way of a new birth in Jesus Christ, then you're not a Christian at all.
(last updated 23 Jan 2011)

3. Are you absolutely sure you are born again?

You may well lay claim to the name of Christ but did you become a Christian by good works such as: trying to be a good person, church attendance, Bible study, Sincerity, dedication, baptism or repentance? Unless it was by the cross then you're really not in at all.
(last updated 23 Jan 2011)

4. Do you really know what the Church is?

A controversial article defining the real Church as the Body of Christ; as opposed to the common concept promoted by the man-made organised and constructed churches.
(last updated 23 Jan 2011)

5. Who are the Overcomers?

An unveiling of how God will bring about a Glorious Church that is without the stigma of sin and failure. Who are those who stand as the overcomers for the body of Christ?
(last updated 23 Jan 2011)

6. What really is the Kingdom of God?

How many Christians know that they actually have Spiritual Authority over Sin, sickness and the devil?
(last updated 23 Jan 2011)

7. Can you forgive from your heart?

It may be easy to say that we forgive with our mouths, even try to believe it in our mind, but do we really forgive from our heart? ....To really forgive is to forget.
(last updated 23 Jan 2011)

8. Where on earth is God today?

Where is the presence of God to be found in the world today? It's not to be found in any place but in the anointing upon a believers life.
(last updated 23 Jan 2011)

9. Who is the god of this world and its system?

Just who is the God of the world and its system? You may be surprised to learn its not the one who created the Earth.
(last updated 23 Jan 2011)

10. What are we as Body, Soul and Spirit?

A look back to this episode of the Garden of Eden in Genesis can provide us with the answers to many questions about ourselves as to why we are what we are and why we do what we do.
(last updated 23 Jan 2011)

11. What is the Normal Christian Life?

Only the Lord Jesus is the Christ Life in a Christian, not us. The normal Christian Life is not a changed life but an "exchanged" life.
(last updated 23 Jan 2011)

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