"These are written, that ye may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing ye may have life in His name." John 20:31

Watchman Nee: "I was once holding meetings in a college in South China. There I found an old school fellow of mine was now a professor of psychology, so before the meetings began I went to call on him, and spoke to him of Christ. After listening a while politely, he said smiling, "It's no good preaching to me, I don't believe there is a God! I 'm a total atheist"

Next day to my amazement, at the end of my first meeting, who should stand up and testify that he was saved but this same professor! Afterwards I went up to him. "How did it happen?" I asked. "After you had gone," He said, "I picked up the Bible you left me and my eye caught the words in John chapter 1: 'The day after,' 'The next day', The day after.' This writer, I thought to myself, knows what he's talking about. He saw it all. It is like a diary. Then I thought, What if after all there is a God? I should be a fool not to believe in Him. You had told me that I could pray even to the God whose very existence I doubted, so I knelt and prayed. I don't know what I expected, but as I prayed I knew there was a God. How I knew I cannot explain; I just knew! Then the words of the eyewitness, John, came back to me. Since there is a God, I thought, then this man Jesus could only be his Son; this writer's eyewitness account leaves me with no other logical option or explanation and I was saved!"

Today in the body of Christ as the real Church, it is the same! When we are open and truthful to God, then God will meet the fullness of all our need out of His resources in Jesus Christ, and we have the abundant life in His name! 

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