Despising the Shame

​We live in the era of the offended, at least in much of the Western world. Many are hypersensitive to the least criticism and take offence when none was intended. It's not new. My 6 year old, now in his 30's, complained that I had hurt his feelings. I advised him that a lot more than his feelings would be hurt if he ever said that to me again.

It's now an epidemic. The world seeks to make upsetting someone a criminal offence. In some instances, it already is. I do not advocate for racist insults, slander or verbal abuse. But truth should never be considered an insult or classed as hate  speech. Sadly, that is the direction the Western world is heading.

It's just as well that Jesus was not a narcissistic woke progressive as are being churned out of universities these days. He allowed Himself to be abused, verbally and physically. Isaiah foretold this (Isaiah 50:6) and Hebrews tells us why. 

Jesus knew what His ordeal would lead to. Even some of His tormentors were put to shame and repented of their treatment of the Son of God. While Israel was soon to be destroyed as a nation, a new race of beings was about to be formed. Jesus represented the human race in righteousness and holiness, the opposite of the ignominious fall of Adam. All that Adam lost was restored in Jesus. And more, Jesus gives His followers what Adam never received. And that is God's uncreated life. 

Are you despised, insulted, harassed or belittled because you follow Jesus? Expect it and rejoice. It means that you are pleasing God, not man. Do you worry about offending people? Don't worry. Jesus is an offence to most. You can say, "God" or, "Spirit" without anyone caring much. Start talking about Jesus and people start getting upset. 

Jesus is the '"stone of stumbling and a rock of offense." They stumble because they disobey the word............'1 Peter 2:8

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