Heart or Intellect?

"He saith unto me, See thou do it not: I am a fellow-servant with thee .... Worship God." Revelation 19:10

What had happened here in Revelations 19:10? Had John lost his head, that he should try to worship an angel? Well, he may well have lost his head, but what is quite certain is that he had been carried away in his heart. There are those who have such good heads; they never do stupid things. John was not of that number, for twice he repeated this blunder (Revelation 22:8). The truth is that he had a good heart and good hearts may sometimes become confused and do stupid things. His heart was overwhelmed with wonder at this glorious Church coming down out of heaven from God and at the amazing fact that in his own patience and tribulation, he was sharing his wonder with heavenly labourers in this the greatest divine masterpiece of all time! His act was wrong no doubt but it sprang from a right heart attitude and one we might safely emulate!

Today in the Church as the body of Christ, we have those who are so indoctrinated to their preconceived ideas that they never venture out past their minds so as to express their hearts. These are they who are yet still ruled by the god of logic, intellect, emotion and self. They are, as yet to see that God has transformed and inverted us at the point of being born again; and that to the extent that our spirit (heart) is on top of our mental and emotional faculties! ie: Through our will we allow our new life to be in control over all that we both think and feel. God has reversed and corrected something here in us! Our mind and our feelings should be taking orders of prompting and restraint from the spiritual intuition of our spirit. God lives in our spirit! ...not in our fleshly thought or feeling. We are the ones who are to magnify and express His life in those areas by an act of our will. Life is not a thought or a feeling but an act of our will! We love God when we obey from the heart! when we are truthful and honest about ourselves according to God's Word!

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