"That which they have need of ... let it be given them day by day without fail." ... Ezra 6:9

If we really trust God, we shall bear the burden both of our own needs and of the work of God, unaided. We must not secretly hope for support from some human source. Our faith is not to be in God plus man, but in God alone. If brethren show their love, praise and thank God, but if they do not, let us still thank Him. For God's servant to have one eye on God and one eye on other men is a shameful thing, unworthy of any Christian. To profess to trust God, yet to turn to the brethren for supplies is to bring disgrace on His name.

Today in the Church as Christ's body, may we trust the Head of the body! Our living by faith must be transparently real, and never ever deteriorate into living by charity. Yes, in all material things we dare to be utterly independent of men, because we dare to be totally dependent on God. We have cast away all other hope, because our confidence is anchored in Him alone. Why not let God be God to us and allow Him to do it His way, then we will find out day by day in every way, "That which we have need of will be given to us without fail!"

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