"Buy the truth, and sell it not; yea wisdom and instruction and understanding.." Proverbs 23:23

Lies do not have a price on them. Lies are cheap and you can obtain them from anywhere, they abound everywhere. Truth, on the other hand, is scarce but very precious, especially to those who determine to be real. The truth is not cheap, for with the truth there is always a price to pay. First, there is the price of humility, for it is only to the humble that light is given by God. If we are not prepared to buy the truth at the cost of our own humbling, then we shall never know it.

There is also the price of patience. Instant assumptions and impatient decisions have nothing in common with God's light. God's truth is given to those who will wait upon God, and wait for God to reveal it to them by giving them light in the form of revelation. Lastly, but supremely, there is the price of obedience. "If any man wills to do His will, he shall know." Unquestioning obedience of willingness is essential if we would ascribe to knowing God's will and God's ways. Are we obedient to God's revealed word or is our faith just the cheap, easy kind that pays no price at all? Are we prepared to have it founded on the Truth of God no matter how great the cost is? It is only ever God's Truth that really sets us free to give us the wisdom and the correct understanding that we need. The Lord Jesus is our Truth, our Wisdom, our Instruction and our understanding! When we possess Him then we have the lot! The cost to us is that He requires all of us. Self must go! Christ needs to occupy first place in our lives.

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