The Real Church, the Overcomers

22nd August 2019

"David therefore departed thence, and escaped to the cave of Adullam ... and there were with him about four hundred men.." ....1 Samuel 22:1

This cave actually represented the answer to David's spiritual need! Saul had the office of the king and had a huge following. His lot was all the machinery of government, and God in sovereignty, recognized him as such; but you will not find that God is ever with a Saul. God is with the David who has the real caring shepherd's heart that is of God under the Holy Spirit's anointing! He goes where God goes. If need be, he must go with God into the wilderness and into the cave! So it was with David that the cave ended up becoming David's headquarters. It was in the cave that God was evident in the anointing upon David and it was to the cave that the band of those who were weary of existing conditions came. David became their captain and leader in that place. They came to the cave of Adullam in desperation because their need was not being met elsewhere!

Today in the Church as the body of Christ, David represents to us a type of the Lord Jesus, especially in this present day ramble of constructed and confused Christianity. Even today, multitudes are on their way to His retreat. They crave for the reality to be found where the Lord Jesus reigns and rules in the person of His Holy Spirit. They come out to Him and He receives them as His own loyal band. It is often a long and lonely road from constructed religious Christianity to real Christianity as a personal relationship with Jesus. It is always lonely to stand against the man-made system, especially the man made churches where everyone judges you as being the one who is wrong! Few there be that come out compared to those who remain shackled to the religious church and in bondage. But that nucleus, gathered to the Lord Jesus in this day of His rejection in the man made church, will be very dear to Him when He returns. These are they who are the overcomers in Christ and what they do and what they say and declare holds good with God for all Christians everywhere and for all time! They alone get to eat of the hidden manna, and their love, their joy, and their peace knows no bounds! It is none other than Jesus Himself living out His life in them! The joy and gladness of Jesus in their hearts and in their life is unlimited!

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